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On February 17, the National press center of Uzbekistan held a session of the organizing committee on preparation and holding of the International competition for the XII National award in journalism "Oltin Qalam" (Golden pen).

Bukhara will host 16th Silk and Species, an annual food fair, on May 26-28, for local and foreign businessmen and specialists to exhibit their products.
Uzbekistan Airways will launch on March 17, a second regular flight to Sochi.
According to the Presidential Resolution 'On Additional Measures for Improvement of Wage, Pensions, Welfare Benefits and Stipend Payment Mechanisms,' pensions are to be paid out fully in cash.
At an event promoting cooperation between Uzbekistan's Republic and Russia's Blokhin cancer research centres, Deputy Health Minister Khojiboev said Uzbekistan has built and is developing a modern cancer-treatment system, according to UzA.
Having built a stable science management and financing system, Uzbekistan has a wide scholarly network of schools, laboratories, institutes, research centres, ministries, and councils.
On February 16 ,Labor Minister of Uzbekistan A. Abduxakimov received the ILO delegation comprised of the special adviser to the Director General of the International Labour Office Kari Tapiola, the chief technical advisers of the ILO Anton Hausen and Steven McClelland, and the ILO expert Oksana Lipkan.
The decree of the President of Uzbekistan "On measures on further improvement of the management system in the field of culture and sport" has conveyed the Palace of arts "Istiklol" and "Turkiston" to the new Ministry of culture.
The presidential Decree "On measures on further improvement of the management system in the field of culture and sport" has stipulated the establishment of new State Institution "Uzbekconcert". It will be established under the Ministry of culture, on the basis of the variety Association "Uzbeknavo" and Association of national dance "Uzbekraqs".
On 15 February, a number of foreign media published incorrect publications titled "The Government did not wait for the summer to demolish houses". Due to these circumstances, the press service of Bukhara khokimiyat has decided to clarify and explain the real essence of the matter.
The Labor Ministry of Uzbekistan held a meeting with delegation of International Labor Organization in the framework of the extension of the Decent Work Country Programme for 2014-2016.

UZREPORT TV to host football marathon today

UZREPORT TV channel to broadcast live English Premier League matches on December 5-6

UZREPORT TV to broadcast UEFA Champions League matches in Uzbek

Uzbek delegation attends World Tourism Forum

"UZREPORT TV" to broadcast UEFA Champions League matches live



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